Monday, May 17, 2010

I stand corrected

For a long time now I had idea what people meant by keeping it 100, but after this weekend I now know. The crazy part is that the people that are always yelling keep it 100 or claiming they keep 100 are always the fakest mother fucking people. I am generally nice to everybody but the people i dont like I really could give 2 shits about. O but not these people. I never understood how you could go around bad mouthing some1 for months an as soon as you get around them you switch it up an act like thats your bff. Maybe im wrong but I really feel like its a female trait.

So these chicks are claiming how they hate this chicks guts, how shes so annoying ,how shes so emotional, etc...but as soon as she needs something they are the first 1s to coddle her. Granted she was drunk an needed help but like I said before if some1 I didnt like was drunk an needed help, I hope they dont die but im damn sure not gonna b the 1 that takes care of them. They are even talking about this girl while they are taking care of her. WTF.

How is some1 that claims to be my lil sister gonna come at me when im trying to help, honestly if it wasnt 4 my bestfriend I mighta strangled her.

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