Friday, April 12, 2013

Fuck love

It's the worst emotion of them all. I hate it. I fell in love with and she fell out of love with me. I would have done anything to get her back and I did. I gave up everything for her and she questions my emotions towards her. Are you fucking serious. She doesn't trust me that's fucking insane. That's right I came home, moved back in with ppl I hate , owe the government 18g's, took her on a cruise, gave her a MacBook, help with her homework , help study for tests, and want to move in with her just so I can cheat and lie to her. I don't go through her stuff , if her Facebook is left open I don't go through her messages, but fine she wants to be alone and focus on school , fine. I'll sit in my basement , lamenting over the fact I am there because of love, I'll slowing pay back the money knowing it was because of love. But fuck it I'll never be in love again.

I can't believe she doesn't trust me, she's the one that communicates with her e about how he want a to visit and he wants to fuck her , she's the one who has dudes I never met and who don't know I exist spending the night.

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